5 Thanksgiving Tips for the Diabetic

Navigating the Thanksgiving table has always been a challenge for people with diabetes. Many will find it more challenging this year because of the pandemic. They’re more stressed – and fighting the urge to stress-eat! They haven’t been exercising as much because the gym is closed or too crowded for comfort. Maybe they’ve put on […]

COVID-19 Hits People with Diabetes Especially Hard

Two stories are in the news this month: Diabetes. November is Diabetes Awareness Month when the American Diabetes Association encourages everyone to learn more about the disease. COVID-19. Yes, it’s still very much in the news, especially in Fairfax County, where the infection rate is rising faster than in any other county in Virginia. There’s […]

Types of Ankle Sprains and How They Heal

If you want to see a serious ankle sprain in progress, search the internet for “Michael Thomas ankle injury.” Thomas is a star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Recently, another player landed forcefully onto a moving Thomas’s left ankle. When you see a photo of that moment, it’s hard to see Thomas’s foot […]

Causes and Treatment of Shin Splints

“Shin splints” is a term podiatrists use to refer to pain anywhere between your knee and ankle. Deep within that area – the shin – is your tibia, better known as your shin bone. Numerous muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues surround the tibia. When those tissues become irritated or inflamed, you get pain, tenderness, […]

The Foot Fungus Among Us

  Take a look at your calendar. Have you penciled in “Fungal Disease Awareness Week” (September 21-25), or has your online calendar already noted it for you? Well, it may not be the trendiest observance, but it’s something we mark in pen every year on the Clifton Foot & Ankle Center calendar. We want our […]

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