At Clifton Foot & Ankle Center, we specialize in keeping your feet and ankles healthy. But that’s not all we’re interested in. We want you to keep your whole body in tip-top shape, and this month, it’s all about your heart. Why the heart? Well, February is American Heart Month, so heart health is naturally […]

Does Your Child Have Flat Feet?

If your child is an infant, he definitely has flat feet! All babies are born with extra fat even in their feet so it looks like they have no arch (that space between the ground and the inside middle of your foot when you’re standing up). By the time they’re about 5 or 6 years […]

5 Tips for Buying Shoes

What could there possibly be to say about buying shoes – you go to the store, you pick out something you like, find your size, maybe you try them on, they look pretty good, you take a quick walk up and down the aisle, you pay and walk out. Your closet’s full of shoes, you […]

Interesting Facts About Raynaud’s Disease

There’s a particular group of maladies that are named after the person who first “discovered” them. One of these is Raynaud’s disease, also called Raynaud’s phenomenon or Raynaud’s syndrome. A. G. Maurice Raynaud was the 19th-century French physician who first took a group of symptoms that affect mainly the fingers and toes, and named them […]

Foot Problems Can Require Surgery

If you have chronic pain in your toes, heel, ankle, or anywhere else on your foot, what can you do about it? One of the smartest things you can do is to get an evaluation as soon as possible by an expert in all things “feet.” You need a foot doctor and in northern Virginia […]

New to Running? 4 Injuries to Watch Out For

It’s resolution time – again! How did we find ourselves in January, once again, resolving to act nicer, stick to a budget, eat healthier, lose weight, etc., etc.? New Year’s resolutions often revolve around ways to be healthier, and one of the best ones you can stick to is to exercise more. If you’ve resolved […]

RICE Isn’t Always a Food!

Take the word rice. What does it conjure up in your mind? Images of vibrantly green rice paddies in the Far East? Maybe a healthy dinner of whole grain brown rice topped with some steamed veggies? Some Mexican rice and beans? There’s no question that rice is a staple all over the world. In the […]

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