There’s no denying that getting older changes life in many ways. There are financial decisions to make and retirement options to consider. You’re probably seeing an increase in doctor appointments and new prescriptions as the body inevitably changes. Children of the elderly are helping their parents face all of these new issues, too!

Allow us to give you one more critical thing to think about as you or your loved ones enter the Golden Years: how to prevent dangerous falls.

Why you should care about preventing falls

First of all, we at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center want to point out that the risks of the elderly taking a fall are real and alarming. A full 25% of Americans over age 65 fall down every year. Falls are the leading causeof injury to older Americans. What’s incredibly sad is that in so many instances, a fall leads to a person’s death.

Another reason to care about falls prevention is that it can help prevent isolation and depression. Seniors often make the decision to stay home because they’re afraid to go out and risk a fall. When you take active steps to prevent falling, you’re also helping to remove the fear as well as the risk of depression.

5 ways to help prevent falls

  1. Stay strongwith regular exercise.
  2. See where you’re going. Get your vision checked regularly.
  3. Monitor your medications.Prescriptions may need to be regulated to prevent dizziness or other side effects.
  4. Walk better.If you’re having trouble walking, tell your doctor. Physical therapy, a change in footwear, custom orthotics, canes or walkers can all help keep you on two legs.
  5. Fix your feet.Feet with toe deformities, bone spursgout, or arthritis are painful and can cause a fall.

September is National Falls Prevention Awareness Month. That’s why we’ve taken the opportunity to let you know about the many ways you can help prevent a fall. If you think your feet (or your loved one’s feet) make you a fall risk, we urge you not to wait. Make an appointment with our board-certified podiatrist Dr. Kenneth Wilhelm. Our number in Centreville, VA is (703) 996-3000.

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