Star Trek has always been famous for its futuristic scenarios, including medical treatments that blew our 20th-century minds. Dr. Leonard “Bones” McCoy might place a probe on a patient’s broken ankle and – poof, instant repair of the bonesToday, ankle surgery isn’t quite as instantaneous as that. However, our real-life podiatrist Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm can take what’s broken and put it back together with the most advanced scientific methods available.

Ankles are complicated joints. The bones of the lower leg meet the bones of the upper foot. They’re joined together by a complex arrangement of soft tissues. Ankle problems can stem from issues with either the bones or the soft tissues. You might need ankle reconstruction surgery if you’ve got:

  • a displaced fracture – a broken bone that’s not just cracked but moved out of its normal position
  • an injury that’s caused fragments of bone to come loose
  • tendons and ligaments (soft tissues) that have loosened due to an injury or improper footwear
  • advanced arthritis – the protective cartilage between bones is worn down or completely gone
  • osteoporosis – weakened bones
  • chronic ankle instability or chronic ankle pain from a previous injury or injuries

When you come to Clifton Foot & Ankle Center with a broken ankle, sprained ankle, or chronic ankle pain, surgery is not something we jump into. We always consider conservative treatments first. But there will be times when we’ll recommend surgery as the best course of action. Rest assured Dr. Wilhelm is board certified in both foot surgery and reconstructive rear foot/ankle surgery.

Excellence in ankle reconstruction surgery and total ankle replacement is available here and now in Fairfax County, Virginia. Surgery can help you stand, walk, run without pain, increase your range of motion, get back to the sports you love, and generally improve your quality of life. Call our Centreville office at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online for an appointment.

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