Having a foot or ankle injury doesn’t mean that you have to spend the next few weeks being a couch potato (unless you have a very, severe injury). If you have a mild or moderate injury you can still workout as long as you’re careful. Here are a few alternative workouts you can do while waiting for your feet or ankles to fully recover.

  1. Swimming: Swimming allows you to stay off of your feet and ankles while still giving you a great workout. Even just treading on water can be as effective as jogging or brisk walking. Make sure to tread with slow motions so that you don’t aggravate your injury further.
  2. Ab Workout: You can never really work out your core too much. A stronger core means a healthier and stronger body as a whole. If you can’t use your feet or ankles, you can lie on your back and do ab-strengthening exercises or use gym machines targeted towards your core. You can try leg lifts or do the superman (lifting your arms and legs off the floor when lying on your stomach.)
  3. Free Weights: You can sit on a bench and lift weights to tone your upper body. Make sure your feet are not bearing any weight and you are solely using your arms, shoulders, and back to lift. For now, you should also use slightly lower weights so that you don’t overstrain the rest of your body while you’re trying to heal.
  4. Ropes: Sit in a chair and swing heavy ropes from one side to another. You can slam, whip or create waves with the ropes and get a great cardio workout. If you can’t get to the gym to use the ropes, you can buy thick rope at a hardware store and make your own rope station.

Make sure when you are working out you are not in any pain or putting any pressure or weight on your feet. Your tissue, ligaments, muscles, and/or bones need time to heal and the wrong workouts can lead to a longer overall recovery time, additional injury, or improper healing.

If you’re not sure about which exercises are appropriate for your type of injury, call Clifton Foot & Ankle Center at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here to get the best treatment. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has been treating patients with foot and ankle injures for over eighteen years and can help ensure that you recover quickly and completely.

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