Have you ever rolled your ankle, or twisted it in a funny way? Has your ankle swelled up afterwards making it difficult to walk without some sort of sharp pain? If your answer is yes, you are roughly one of the 25,000 people who suffer from an ankle sprain per DAY. Ankle sprains are very common but there are varying degrees of damage. If an ankle sprain isn’t properly treated, it could lead to a lot of other issues including knee pain, foot issues, and permanent damage to your ankle. Here are some of the top reasons for ankle sprains occurring.

  1. Unstable Ankles – This means that your ankles are not strong enough to support your body weight and will roll easily and frequently. If you roll your ankles a lot and don’t feel any pain, it’s not because you got lucky and it wasn’t a serious injury. There’s a good chance you just can’t feel the damage that is being done. Make sure to check that your ligaments aren’t torn which can lead to arthritis and issues with your tendon.
  2. Foot Shape – Your foot shape can make you more prone to ankle sprains. If your arches are high you should be careful when running on uneven ground. Inverted heels or feet that do not align correctly are also more prone to sprains.
  3. Shoes – High heels lead to the most ankle sprains but the wrong sneakers can also be a culprit. A lot of running sneakers have been trying to get lighter and lighter. Lightweight shoes are nice and comfortable but they lack the support that many people need to keep their ankle stabilized while running. If you have weak ankles, make sure your shoes are extra supportive to keep your ankle and heel in place.
  4. Tendon Tears – If your tendons are fraying, they won’t just fix themselves. As they become weaker, your ankles will be more prone to sprains. If it’s bad enough, it may only take a slight roll for your ankle to become seriously injured. Usually the first tear is from a previous ankle sprain.

If you have an ankle sprain that doesn’t seem to be getting better or any ankle or foot pain or ailments, visit Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Wilhelm has over eighteen years of expertise on treating foot and ankle ailments. Call our Centreville, VA office at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here.

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