The Administration for Community Living, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, has designated June Older Americans Month in order to call attention to all the ways seniors can continue to live a full and purposeful life, no matter what their age is.

A full and purposeful life is hard to achieve if your feet hurt. That’s why board-certified podiatrist Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm is dedicated to excellent foot care for seniors in Fairfax County. We want you to keep doing the things you love, which in turn will help keep you active and healthy.

Foot pain is common, but not normal

It’s not unusual for seniors to suffer from foot pain. After all, their feet have been working to support their bodies for many years. In our later years, arthritis kicks in, bunions get worse, poor circulation and nerve damage cause pain and numbness, or the effects of diabetes finally take their toll.

But a qualified podiatrist can address all of your foot problems. It isn’t necessary to grin and bear it when expert foot care is available.

Our practice gives you the personal treatment you deserve

No matter what’s ailing your feet, at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center, you’re going to find caring, compassionate people to help you at every step. Our staff is committed to

  • providing friendly, expert service
  • earning your trust
  • spending quality time with each patient
  • speaking Spanish to those patients who prefer it; Dr. Wilhelm is fluent, having spent two years as a volunteer in Santiago, Chile
  • carefully explaining all of your treatment options
  • offering help when you need it, with same-day appointments available
  • making payment for services pain-free by taking a variety of insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, and accepting both cash and credit cards.

So keep up with your walking, swimming, tai-chi, yoga, tennis, or golf – whatever it is that keeps you active and moving. Do it on healthy feet. Call our office in Centreville, VA at (703) 996-3000 or make an appointment online.

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