Some plantar warts come and go, disappearing after they’ve had their fill of annoying you for several months. Others think they deserve to irritate you and your foot for what seems like forever. It’s not unusual for a wart on the sole of your foot to resist treatment and stick around for years.

Treatments for warts have traditionally included things you shouldn’t do at home, like shearing off layers of skin with a razor blade – that’s a recipe for infection. Other home treatments include applying over-the-counter creams and using methods passed down from generation to generation, involving various combinations of garlic, banana peels, and duct tape.

Podiatrists like Kenneth R. Wilhelm, DPM, offer better and safer ways to get rid of warts. Prescription medications, surgical removal, and laser cauterization are all excellent options. But we’re delighted to recommend our newest option for treating persistent plantar warts: Swift technology.

The Swift option 

Swift lives up to its name, meaning it works fast! This method clears up warts after only 3-4 treatments – even resistant warts. It’s also easy for us at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center to administer. We can precisely target any plantar wart using a small probe that emits low-dose microwave energy. Targeting individual warts or groups of warts is one of the advantages of Swift. Because we’re applying energy to the wart and only the wart, there are no adverse effects such as irritation or blistering to the surrounding skin. Patients can get back to their regular activities immediately after their appointment.

Initially developed in the UK, Swift wart treatment is safe and is available today to our patients throughout Fairfax County and the suburbs of western D.C. If you’d like 2021 to be the year you say farewell to plantar warts, resolve to call our Centreville office at (703) 996-3000. You may also make an appointment with Dr. Wilhelm online.

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