In case you missed it, Joe Biden suffered a foot injury a few days after Thanksgiving. Here’s what happened:

  • he slipped, fell, and twisted his ankle
  • he went for x-rays out of “an abundance of caution.”
  • doctors diagnosed a sprained ankle, meaning damage to the soft tissues
  • noting his actual symptoms, the doctors decided to confirm the diagnosis with further tests
  • a CT-scan revealed hairline fractures in Biden’s midfoot
  • doctors prescribed an immobilization boot, which Biden will have to walk in for several weeks

As foot and ankle injuries go, this one seems pretty straightforward. From our perspective here in Fairfax County, there’s reason to believe that Mr. Biden’s foot will heal just fine with proper care. That’s not always the case, though, depending on the severity of your foot injury.

 Different kinds of fractures

  • A hairline fracture like Mr. Biden’s is also called a stress fracture. It’s a tiny crack within a bone.
  • A fracture is a bone that’s broken through the bone’s thickness. Healing will take much longer than with a stress fracture.
  • A displaced fracture means a bone has broken and the pieces no longer line up. Often, they must be surgically moved back into place with pins or plates.
  • A compound fracture is a displaced fracture that has pierced through the skin.

Location matters

In addition to the different severities of fractures, the location of your broken bone also makes a difference in how fast it will heal. For example, a Jones fracture – a break of the fifth metatarsal along the outside of your foot – takes a long time to heal because that area receives less blood than other parts of the foot.

Clifton Foot & Ankle Center commends Mr. Biden for seeking medical attention for his foot injury. He’ll have a much better long-term outcome and fewer complications. We encourage you to play it safe, too. Make an appointment with board-certified podiatrist Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm to properly diagnosis your foot or ankle injury. Call us in Centreville, Virginia at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online.

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