The first step to managing foot pain is to acknowledge that it’s become a problem. The second step is to commit to doing something about it. Look pain in the proverbial eye and say, “I see you aren’t going away. I know from everything Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has taught me that I must deal with you sooner than later. Doing so will most likely make treatment faster, easier, and more effective.”

Finally, the third step to managing foot pain, if you live in northern Virginia, is to make an appointment with our board-certified foot specialist here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Wilhelm provides accurate diagnoses, advanced treatment methods, and quality care for our patients in Fairfax County. We approach foot pain management with innovative therapies:

  • PRP injections. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. Platelets, one of the components of blood plasma, play a large role in healing. PRP is a process in which blood is drawn from the patient; the platelets are separated and spun through a centrifuge in order to increase the concentration of platelets. The blood plasma, enriched with more platelets, is then injected directly into the patient’s arthritic big toe joint, for example, in order to reduce inflammation.
  • Prolotherapy also involves injections – not of the patient’s enriched blood, but of an irritant solution that stimulates healing.
  • We use extracorporeal shockwave therapy (low or high energy shock waves) and radiofrequency therapy (electrical currents that decrease pain signals when applied to a specific area) to treat chronic nerve pain, neuromas, and heel pain.
  • Sometimes the best approach to pain management is one that incorporates an arsenal of diverse “weapons,” including custom orthotics, medications, ice, rest, weight loss, different shoes, exercises, PRP and other innovative therapies described above, and, as a last resort, surgery.

Start managing – perhaps even eliminate – your foot pain by calling (703) 996-3000 for an appointment at our office in Centreville.

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