It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Foot Hero! Do you know someone whose feet hurt all the time? Step in like a superhero with holiday gifts that improve their foot health! Nobody wants to put up with tired, achy feet. You can solve problems in a single bound, doling out justice for the person who works on their feet all day, who suffers from the pain of a bunion, or whose flat feet have been their archenemy for years.

First of all, if you think there’s a severe problem with your loved one’s foot, refer them to our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, Virginia. Our office is a portal to a new world where proven medical solutions can stamp out foot pain. Tell your spouse, good friend, or grandparent that an appointment with our Fairfax County foot specialist is just a phone call away at (703) 996-3000.

But you don’t have to have a severe problem to enjoy some foot pampering. Everybody will gratefully receive soothing gifts like these:

  • A foot spa allows you to soak your feet in heated, bubbling water to relax sore muscles. Many of them have rollers that gently and automatically massage your arches.
  • A foot massager is like a spa, minus the water. Insert your feet into this small appliance to massage your toes, arches, heels, ankles, and even your calves. You can adjust the intensity of the massage. A foot massager can help someone with a chronic issue such as plantar fasciitis with or without added heat.
  • Left/right socks. The shape of your two feet are not the same, so why should a pair of socks be? Left/right socks are cut, stitched, and padded to provide comfort and a better fit. You’ll find them online and in athletic equipment shops and specialty running stores.
  • Salon pedicure. A gift certificate for a professional pedicure is a welcome gift for both men and women. A salon pedicure smoothes rough calluses, moisturizes skin, and invigorates tired feet. Just be sure to purchase from a reputable, licensed business.

This holiday season fight for a good cause: enhanced foot health for all. And don’t be surprised if your loved ones start calling you their Foot Hero.

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