We like to think we’re a little bit like detectives here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. When you come into our Fairfax County podiatry office complaining of big toe pain, for example, Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm does as any good detective would do:

  • He asks about the events leading up to the “crime:” when did the pain start? Where exactly does it hurt the most? Can you bend and turn it in all directions? What makes it feel better? What makes it feel worse?
  • He looks for evidence at the “crime scene,” examining your toe and carefully noting how your complaint squares up with the facts before him.
  • He uses a “magnifying glass” – that is, digital x-rays taken right here in our office – to get a closer look.
  • He consults his vast database of knowledge and decades of experience as a podiatrist.
  • He follows the trail of clues and concludes the investigation with a firm diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

Having big toe pain isn’t a crime. But it doesn’t have to be a big mystery, either. When big toe pain prevents you from walking around or doing the activities you love, let us help you discover the cause. Make an appointment at our office in Centreville, Virginia. We may sleuth out one of the following ailments that typically make your big toe ache:

  • bunion – a misalignment of the joint at the base of the toe
  • arthritis – including gout, hallux limitus, and hallux rigidus
  • sprain – a pulled ligament, including a specific kind of sprain called turf toe
  • fracture – a broken bone
  • sesamoiditis – inflammation around two small bones underneath the big toe
  • ingrown toenail – the side of the nail is digging into the soft flesh around the nail bed

All of these problems have practical solutions such as anti-inflammatory medication, custom orthotics, braces, taping, corticosteroid injections, PRP and prolotherapy, and even surgery. To solve your big toe issue, call Dr. Wilhelm at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online.

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