If your feet and/or ankles have an issue, there’s a good chance it’s affecting another part of your body (like your back). Usually if we feel foot or ankle pain, we try to rub it out or use heat or ice to help relieve the aches.  If it’s not that bad we may even ignore the pain in hopes that it will go away on its own.  For any foot or ankle pain, the faster you fix it, the better your chances are in not causing a pain in other parts of your body such as your hips, back, neck or even head. Here are some ailments to watch out for.

  1. Incorrect Walking – How you walk greatly affects your entire body. If you are walking with a limp, or distributing your weight unevenly, you will probably also feel pain in your knees and even your back. Incorrect walking can also make you more prone to rolling your ankle or tripping which could result in a lot of unnecessary injury.
  2. Pinched Nerve – A nerve that is being compressed in an unnatural way can cause pain all the way down to your foot. You may not even have any back pain which can make it confusing as to why your foot is in pain in the first place. If you notice that your foot feels tingly or has sharp pains for no apparent reason, get your foot (and your back) looked at.
  3. Inability to Tip Toe – In order to tip-toe you actually need a lot of the parts of your body to work together. You need leg, ankle and foot strength, stability, balance, and flexibility. If you can’t tip toe without feeling any discomfort or pain, it may be a sign of back pain. It might not seem obvious at first, but you can get diagnosed at your doctor’s office.
  4. Foot Drop – If you are having a hard time lifting your foot up to walk, you may be suffering from ankle or back issues. If your foot drop is accompanied by a radiating pain from your calf to the top of your big toe, it is more likely a back issue.

If you notice any of these ailments or have any questions, contact Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, VA. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has been treating and educating patients with foot and ankle ailments for over eighteen years. You can call our office at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here.

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