At Clifton Foot & Ankle Center, we recognize that most people walk, run, kick, play ball, and get through the workday without thinking too much about their feet. However, when you suddenly get a stabbing pain in your heel that won’t quit, then you realize just how much you depend on them.

As children, maybe we weren’t taught the importance of healthy feet as much as we were taught to brush our teeth every day. That’s why we’re so pleased to celebrate Foot Health Awareness Month every year in April. It’s our chance to let you know what you can do to keep your feet healthy. In addition, it’s your chance to start paying regular attention to the structures that bear your weight every day.

 Here are some Dos and Don’ts to guide you in caring for your feet:

DO inspect your feet on a regular basis. Look for any changes such as cracked skin, discolored toenails, warts, and unexplained swelling or bruises. Feel for any areas that are tender or numb. Report any concerns to us at our northern Virginia podiatry office.

DON’T spend spring and summer in flip-flops. Alternate wearing flip-flops with more supportive shoes. Limit your time in bare feet as well, especially if you’re diabetic.

DO replace shoes in a timely manner. When you notice the heels of your shoes are worn down, get a new pair. Running shoes last for 300-500 miles, so keep track of your mileage.

DON’T forget to wear your orthotic inserts if you have them.

DO have your foot measured from time to time. Shoe size can change over time or as a result of an injury.

DO see a podiatrist at least once per year if you have diabetes. Fluctuations in blood sugar can have disastrous effects on the feet if problems aren’t caught in time.


DON’T ignore foot pain. Chances are that heel pain that lasts more than a few days is only going to get worse. Make an appointment with board-certified podiatrist Kenneth R. Wilhelm, DPM to tackle the pain head-on. Call us at our Centreville office at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online.



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