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RICE Isn’t Always a Food!

Take the word rice. What does it conjure up in your mind? Images of vibrantly green rice paddies in the Far East? Maybe a healthy dinner of whole grain brown rice topped with some steamed veggies? Some Mexican rice and beans? There’s no question that rice is a staple all over the world. In the […]

All About Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries of the lower leg. There are so many ways you can twist your ankle in an awkward way: running, jogging, stepping on an uneven surface, and even just standing up and putting weight on a tired ankle can cause a sprain. When it happens, the ligaments […]

How Bad is Your Toe Injury?

Even before the recent controversy surrounding the playing of the national anthem and politics, the NFL has always enjoyed a lot of media coverage. News of all the injuries that happen both in pre-season and on the field during regular season could probably cover an entire 24-hour news cycle. If only we had a dollar […]

Safeguard Your Kids from Fall Sports Injuries

Kids are going back to school and soon there will be tryouts for their favorite teams. Jumping back into soccer, swimming, tennis, cheerleading, or cross-country carries with it some dangers, especially if your child hasn’t been terribly active over the summer.   What happens when your kid suddenly leaps from the couch and starts practicing […]

5 Common Running Injuries and How to Deal with Them

If you’re a runner, no doubt you’ve become pretty familiar with having regular aches and pains in various parts of your body. Lifting yourself out of a chair after a long run? – Ouch! Climbing the stairs post-race? – Puh-lease! Muscle soreness is expected. But if pain and soreness linger in your feet or ankles, […]

5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

It’s just a fact – anyone who plays a sport can get injured, no matter how cautious they are. Balls smash into heads and cause concussions. Players trip and fall or crash into each other and somebody’s arm snaps in two. Knees twist around too far and ligaments rip apart. It’s brutal out there. Feet […]

Conquering Turf Toe

Even though the Atlanta Falcons couldn’t hang on to their halftime lead in Super Bowl LI, they made some amazing plays that we won’t easily forget. How about wide receiver Julio Jones? – he looked like he was defying the laws of physics when he caught the ball and landed just within bounds, gripping the […]

Gymnastics and Your Feet

Gymnastics is a very popular sport – especially in the US. When it’s Olympics season, the interest is even more apparent. From the Magnificent Seven to the Fierce Five and now the Final Five, gymnastics has always been a great representation of US athletics at its best. When Simone Biles stepped onto the Olympic stage […]

4 Tricks Used By Professional Athletes to Recover Faster

Professional athletes are pretty hard on their bodies, but they have a team of people around them to make sure that they don’t injure themselves. Here are some tricks used by the pros to help make your body recover faster from any sports activities or injury! Timing: Professional athletes get treatment for their injuries seconds […]

Recovering from a Broken Foot or Ankle

Your ankle has been stuck in a cast for months and now it’s finally coming off! You can finally go back to exercising and doing all of the other activities that were put on hold after your injury. But, should you just jump right in or is there a better way to ease into things? […]

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