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Spring into Spring With Healthy Feet

Spring could not seem further away for those of us in Fairfax County, Virginia. The vernal equinox came in right on the heels of a winter storm warning, and we thought we heard people all over DC are yelling “Snow way!” or something like that. Yes – Snow just won’t leave us alone. Well, the […]

6 Ways a Podiatrist Can Improve Your Sports Performance

Runners, walkers, tennis players, track and field enthusiasts, basketball and baseball players can all agree: your feet take a beating during all those workouts, games, matches, and triathlons. In order to stay healthy and competitive, you’ve got to make an effort to give your feet the care and attention they deserve. A podiatrist specializes in […]

5 Great Gift Ideas for Feet

Strolling through the holiday gift section of a specialty grocery store the other day, we came across something kind of amazing: a beautiful 5-pound bar of dark chocolate. In case you’re having trouble picturing how big that is, it’s about 2 feet high and 1 foot wide. Twenty times bigger than the standard 4-ounce bar […]

What Does it Mean to Have Healthy Feet?

Is it possible to have a perfectly healthy foot? Well, that’s a tough one. Feet endure some of the toughest abuse around because we literally use them every day to: Carry our weight – sometimes way too much of it! Propel us forward, getting us from one place to the next, and Keep our balance, […]

Quit Smoking – Your Feet Will Thank You

We all know that quitting smoking reduces your risk of getting lung cancer. But did you know that giving up cigarettes is beneficial for your entire body? From your head to your heart and down to your toes, pretty much every bodily system breathes a sigh of relief when you quit breathing in tar and […]

7 Ways to Show Love – to Your Feet!

August 17 is National I Love My Feet Day, a holiday perfectly suited for podiatrist Kenneth R. Wilhelm, DPM of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center! Dr. Wilhelm has been caring for feet in Northern Virginia for close to 18 years, so he knows a thing or two about all the different ways you can love […]

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