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Resolve to Get Rid of Warts for Good with Swift

Some plantar warts come and go, disappearing after they’ve had their fill of annoying you for several months. Others think they deserve to irritate you and your foot for what seems like forever. It’s not unusual for a wart on the sole of your foot to resist treatment and stick around for years. Treatments for […]

Holiday Gifts That Improve Foot Health

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Foot Hero! Do you know someone whose feet hurt all the time? Step in like a superhero with holiday gifts that improve their foot health! Nobody wants to put up with tired, achy feet. You can solve problems in a single bound, doling out justice for the person who […]

The Dangers of Going Barefoot

  There are many reasons why board-certified podiatrist, Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm, might suggest you avoid going barefoot. Omitting shoes from your daily outfit put your feet at risk for these classic dangers: Injuries like burns from hot pavement, puncture wounds from sharp rocks, or a twisted ankle. Infections with the virus that causes plantar […]

COVID-19: Another Reason to Watch Your Weight

  If you’ve experienced weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reasons aren’t too hard to find: you’ve slacked off your regular exercise routine (the gym’s been closed) you haven’t been going out, and you’re just not moving around as much there’s been an increase in baking (note the flour and yeast shortages at the […]

10 Ways to Avoid Foot Problems in the New Year

Replace old shoes. Chances are that the supportive material in your old shoes has worn down to the point where it no longer provides adequate support. Upgrade your shoes to keep your feet fit and healthy. Wear bigger shoes. Wider toe boxes give your toes the room that pointy tips don’t. Narrow, pointy shoes pinch […]

Is Running Bad for Your Feet?

Let’s talk about the positive aspects of running. As a sport, running offers a ton of benefits: improves cardiovascular fitness strengthens bones and muscles helps with managing your weight provides social connections if you choose to run with a friend or join a running club reduces stress and may even help symptoms of depression At […]

What Happens When Irritation Hits a Nerve?

What do shoes that pinch, socks that rub, and running a marathon have in common? They’re all examples of things that can irritate the skin on your feet and form visible lesions such as blisters, rashes, corns, and calluses. But there are times when irritation isn’t just skin deep. Pressure or irritation can also affect […]

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