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Use Exercise to Improve Your Arthritis Symptoms

Picture this: a 66-year-old athlete goes to the doctor complaining of ankle pain. This woman runs considerable distances every week and says she’s participated in 14 triathlons in the last few months. The doctor takes some x-rays and finds severe ankle osteoarthritis. He cannot believe the x-rays he took correspond to this person who can […]

Seniors Don’t Have to Put Up with Foot Pain

Most senior citizens experience some foot pain. It’s no wonder: by the time you turn 80, you’ve walked about 110,000 miles. You’d have to walk from our podiatry office in Centreville, Virginia, to Lower Manhattan and back 183 times to go 110,000 miles. And that’s just the average person. If you’re regularly active, you see a lot more […]

6 Problems to Look Out For in Aging Feet

They say that with age comes wisdom. Anyone over the age of 50 or so knows that with age come mysterious ailments as well! At Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, Virginia, we want our senior patients to know what mysteries may lie ahead in terms of foot and ankle health. After decades of […]

The Thing About Aging that You Haven’t Thought About

There’s no denying that getting older changes life in many ways. There are financial decisions to make and retirement options to consider. You’re probably seeing an increase in doctor appointments and new prescriptions as the body inevitably changes. Children of the elderly are helping their parents face all of these new issues, too! Allow us […]

Be Sweet to Aging Feet

There once was an elderly person Whose foot pain began to worsen. His feet burned and flattened But his hatches he battened Refusing to call doc or nurse in. All right, you’re probably thinking that the good folks at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center should stick to podiatry and leave poetry alone. Except that we […]

Can You Prevent Bunions?

Foot deformities are pretty commonplace as we get older. In fact, more than 25% of adults aged 18-65 suffer from the deformity we call hallux valgus – in common terms, a bunion. When you look at the population over age 65, that percentage jumps to about 36%. Getting a bunion may not be entirely preventable. […]

4 Daily Activities that Strain Your Feet

Most of us take our feet for granted. We don’t really think twice about how much our feet are being used until we feel aches or pains. Our feet also work automatically for the most part and we don’t need to consciously tell them to do anything, which makes it easy to overuse and strain […]

4 Ways to Protect Your Feet in Cold Weather

In the winter, we usually stay indoors more since there’s not much you can do when you feel like your hands and nose are going to freeze off. You would think that since you’re not as active, there’s not much you’d have to worry about in the foot and ankle department, but winter is actually […]

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