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Sail Through Fall 2020 in the Right Kind of Chair

  These days, people are flocking to Google for answers to questions like “What are the best chairs for sitting all day?” and “What’s the best home office chair?” What’s behind all the interest in where to plant one’s behind? –COVID-19, of course. Volatile infection rates here in the D.C. area continue to increase the […]

Put an End to Foot Pain

  Few things put a damper in your day like constant pain, including foot pain. You can’t walk. You can’t exercise. You may even have to depend on others to help you get out the sourdough starter (and other tasks of daily living). Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm always counsels our patients to act quickly when […]

Protect Yourself and Others by Wearing a Mask

The Virginia Department of Health has presented us with clear guidelines for wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19. You don’t need to wear a mask if you: go out for a walk work in the garden mow the lawn have pre-existing breathing problems are under the age of 2. However, you must wear […]

Foot Pain: Is it Inevitable?

  The persistent belief that foot pain is just an inevitable part of life, just one of the certainties of growing older – well, it’s just not true. Foot pain is common, yes. You probably know a bunch of people who’ve got it. But nobody should accept foot pain as something they simply must put […]

Juvenile Arthritis May Affect Feet and Ankles

  You may be surprised to learn that arthritis is not exclusively an ailment of the aged. In the United States, there are about 300,000 kids diagnosed with some form of juvenile arthritis. Since July is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month, we’re putting the spotlight on kids with joint inflammation. What does juvenile arthritis look like? […]

COVID-19: Another Reason to Watch Your Weight

  If you’ve experienced weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic, the reasons aren’t too hard to find: you’ve slacked off your regular exercise routine (the gym’s been closed) you haven’t been going out, and you’re just not moving around as much there’s been an increase in baking (note the flour and yeast shortages at the […]

4 Ways to Stay Connected with Loved Ones

The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for those who thrive on human contact. Are you one of those people for whom isolation has ratcheted up your anxiety a few notches? You’re not alone. But we’re all in this together. And it seems like a good time for Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm to offer some suggestions […]

10 Quick, Healthy Lunch Ideas You Need Right Now

  Does a healthy lunch take a back seat in your new, quarantined life? Do you tend to grab what’s available instead of what’ll fuel you through the rest of your day? We understand. These days of social isolation, constant Zooming, and guiding kids through distance learning are stressful. The last thing you need is […]

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