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How to Conquer Your Exercise Excuses

As the New Year begins, all of us at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center have “resolutions” on our minds. So many people resolve each year to lose weight and get in better shape – and that’s a fantastic goal to have. Even if you’re only slightly overweight, your feet can suffer greatly with heel pain […]

When to Consider Ankle Surgery

Rare is the person under age 40 or so who complains about their aching joints. Joints move so smoothly and effortlessly when you’re young! The risk of osteoarthritis increases greatly with age, all because the protective cartilage that surrounds them gets worn out. Thinned cartilage causes joints to become stiff and creaky. Their range of […]

Overcoming Chronic Ankle Instability

The word “chronic” refers to something that’s persistent and ongoing. Wordsmiths and other lovers of language might note that “chronic” comes from the Greek word “chronos,” meaning “time.” Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, VA notes that over time, that ankle that’s been constantly bothering you can really interfere […]

Hypermobility and Your Ankles

Hypermobility – or “double jointed” as we call it is something that doesn’t sound very serious. Most of the time as kids, it just meant that you were extra flexible and your fingers could contort in strange ways. However, double jointedness can actually greatly affect a lot of other things including how you walk, your […]

Top Reasons for Getting Ankle Sprains

Have you ever rolled your ankle, or twisted it in a funny way? Has your ankle swelled up afterwards making it difficult to walk without some sort of sharp pain? If your answer is yes, you are roughly one of the 25,000 people who suffer from an ankle sprain per DAY. Ankle sprains are very […]

Recovering from a Broken Foot or Ankle

Your ankle has been stuck in a cast for months and now it’s finally coming off! You can finally go back to exercising and doing all of the other activities that were put on hold after your injury. But, should you just jump right in or is there a better way to ease into things? […]

5 Reasons for Swollen Ankles

We can get swollen ankles for many reasons. Some common reasons include being pregnant or sitting/standing for long periods of time. Ankle sprains, broken ankles and fractures are also very common reasons for swelling. But swelling can also happen due to “hidden” reasons that are not as obvious. Here are a few to watch out […]

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