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Types of Ankle Sprains and How They Heal

If you want to see a serious ankle sprain in progress, search the internet for “Michael Thomas ankle injury.” Thomas is a star wide receiver for the New Orleans Saints. Recently, another player landed forcefully onto a moving Thomas’s left ankle. When you see a photo of that moment, it’s hard to see Thomas’s foot […]

When to Consider Ankle Surgery

Rare is the person under age 40 or so who complains about their aching joints. Joints move so smoothly and effortlessly when you’re young! The risk of osteoarthritis increases greatly with age, all because the protective cartilage that surrounds them gets worn out. Thinned cartilage causes joints to become stiff and creaky. Their range of […]

Overcoming Chronic Ankle Instability

The word “chronic” refers to something that’s persistent and ongoing. Wordsmiths and other lovers of language might note that “chronic” comes from the Greek word “chronos,” meaning “time.” Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, VA notes that over time, that ankle that’s been constantly bothering you can really interfere […]

Recovery in the Winter

If you need any type of foot/ankle correction or surgery, the winter (or when you are least mobile) can be a great time to schedule your treatment.  If you have any existing injuries such as an ankle sprain, fractured toe, etc., this article can also be helpful! Get comfortable – If you’re planning on healing […]

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