During the winter, a lot of the vibrant colors we see in the supermarket during the spring and summer months are no longer there. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables that are available, but it may not be the best season to enjoy them. Here is a guide for eating healthy foods during the winter that is most beneficial to you!

  1. Oatmeal – Whether it’s in a pre-made packet or just a quick oatmeal that you boil for a few minutes, oatmeal is nutritious and filling and easy to find any time of the year. Oatmeal has a lot of benefits including high soluble fiber which makes digestion better, and zinc which helps your immune system. Try to find one that doesn’t have a lot of added sugars and flavors.
  2. Root Vegetables – Any root vegetables – carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, yams, onion, garlic, parsnips, ginger, etc. are all great during the winter. Ginger and lemon tea is a great warm beverage that gives you additional vitamins that your body may not be able to get otherwise.
  3. Citrus Fruits – Oranges, lemons, or grapefruits are all available and especially tasty during the winter. All citrus fruits will give you a healthy boost of vitamin C while also giving you many added benefits such as lower the risk of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, and much more.
  4. Healthy Dairy – This means cheese, yogurt, and milk (in moderation.) Dairy will give you the vitamin D and calcium that is essential for your body to be healthy – especially in the winter. Try to stay away from dairy that has added sugars or flavors so that you can get the full benefits.
  5. Greens – Kale, cabbage and radicchio all do very well in the wintertime. Snow peas and green beans are also great. Don’t skip out on your greens because it’s winter – they can give you a healthy supply of iron and vitamins that you can’t get from other foods!

Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center has been treating and educating patients with foot and ankle ailments for over eighteen years. If you have any questions, call our Centreville, VA office at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here.

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