There once was an elderly person

Whose foot pain began to worsen.

His feet burned and flattened

But his hatches he battened

Refusing to call doc or nurse in.

All right, you’re probably thinking that the good folks at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center should stick to podiatry and leave poetry alone. Except that we really want to get your attention and make an important point: Senior citizens put themselves at risk if they ignore pain and problems with their feet instead of consulting a qualified podiatrist.

What are the risks of ignoring proper foot care?

  1. Decreased mobility: Mobility equals independence. Caring for your aging feet helps them remain healthy and pain-free, assuring that you remain active well into your senior years.
  2. Falling down: Preventing falls becomes an important goal as you age, one that you’re more likely to achieve with feet that are up to the challenge of keeping you balanced and upright.
  3. Discomfort: There’s just no need to hide the discomfort of foot pain, like our fictitious elderly person in the limerick above. When your feet repeatedly ache, burn, itch, become swollen or discolored, your comfort level decreases. Podiatrists like Kenneth R. Wilhelm, DPM exist to ease your pain and suffering.
  4. Putting your overall health at risk: Ignoring foot pain could mean that you’re missing clues to problems in other parts of your body. Burning feet may signal nerve damage. Pain and swelling could indicate a stress fracture, often the first sign of osteoporosis. Can’t feel your toes? The onset of diabetes may be the reason.

The passage of time puts many challenges on your feet. Putting on weight can affect not only the size of a foot but its internal structure as well. Other body parts like knees and hips that are affected by arthritis can change the way you walk, which in turn affects your feet, causing or exacerbating the pain of bone spursplantar fasciitisbunions, and more.

Keeping your feet in tip-top shape will improve your quality of life. Whenever you have foot or ankle pain, don’t just batten down the hatches – open them up and make an appointment with Dr. Wilhelm, board-certified podiatrist, at our office in Centreville, Virginia. Our number is (703) 996-3000.

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