The changing of the season from summer to fall transforms many people’s daily routines. Vacation days fade away into long days of attending classes. Outdoor dining moves inside as the wind kicks up and temperatures drop. Mom’s Carpooling Service is back in business. With all these changes happening, why not use this time as an excuse to make some changes in your foot care routine as well?

  • Commit to moisturizing. As winter approaches and the heat turns on in the house, your skin can become parched. Keep it supple by lathering your feet and legs with moisturizing cream. Plant a bottle near your bathtub or shower to remind you to stick to your new habit.
  • Take a good look. Performing a foot self-exam can reveal problems such as poor circulation, nerve damage, and diabetes.
  • Leave the nails unpolished for a while. Toenails are tough, but they’re also permeable. Nail polish can seep into them, dry them out, and cause discoloration. Your toenails benefit from “breathing” fresh air, so take a break from covering them with polish.
  • Inspect your fall and winter shoes and boots. Try on every pair of shoes– do they still fit? Are they comfortable? Check them for worn or uneven soles, tears that may present a tripping hazard, and see they still provide enough support.
  • Weed through your sock collection. If you haven’t updated your socks in recent years, you may be surprised at the variety that’s available. Modern socks come in many different styles, thicknesses, and absorbencies to match your activities and shoe styles. Of course, you’ll want to make sure they fit well. Socks that are too big can slide around in your shoes and cause chafing, while too-small socks impede toe movement and proper circulation.

Autumn can be a busy time of year, but we encourage you to make time to care for your lower limbs. Make an appointment with board-certified podiatrist Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm if you have pain or sustain an injury. One thing that doesn’t change with the seasons is our availability to residents of Fairfax County who need compassionate, expert foot and ankle care. Call Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, Virginia at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online.

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