Runners, walkers, tennis players, track and field enthusiasts, basketball and baseball players can all agree: your feet take a beating during all those workouts, games, matches, and triathlons. In order to stay healthy and competitive, you’ve got to make an effort to give your feet the care and attention they deserve.

podiatrist specializes in all injuries and ailments of the foot and ankle. In our neck of the woods, the northern Virginia/Fairfax County area, you can count on Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center for professional advice on how to keep your feet pain-free and on top of their game. Here are six specific things a podiatrist can do for athletes:

  1. Examine your gait – the way your body is put together determines how well you move. Dr. Wilhelm can determine if your pain is being caused by faulty biomechanics.
  2. Fix your fit – it’s possible to get injured because your shoes don’t fit well or don’t have enough cushioning. Poorly-fitting shoes can cause blisterssesamoiditis, and heel pain for example.
  3. Assess your footwear – an even closer look at your athletic shoes can uncover certain wear patterns that point to the root of your pain. Dr. Wilhelm translates holes at the top of a shoe near the ankle or excessive wear on the right side of the shoe’s heel into probable foot or ankle disorders that need treatment.
  4. Assuage your pain – our podiatry practice specializes in pain management. We offer any number of tools to relieve foot pain including custom orthotics, walking boots, corticosteroid injections, prolotherapy/PRP injections, and prescription-strength pain medications.
  5. Treat injury – sports injuries like ankle sprains and stress fractures are common and expertly handled by our board-certified podiatrist.
  6. Perform surgery – when surgery becomes the only option, it’s comforting to know that Dr. Wilhelm is board-certified in both foot and ankle surgery.

No matter your age or your sport, if you have any issues at all with your feet or ankles give us a call at (703) 996-3000 or contact us online for an appointment. We promise to provide you with expert, individualized treatment that keeps you going in the sport you love.

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