Most sports involve using your legs, feet and ankles. A lot of those sports heavily depend on running, jumping, and other strenuous/repetitive motions that can cause a lot of injuries. Here are a few of the most common sports injuries that can happen to your foot or ankle.

  1. Ankle Sprains – Ankle sprains are caused when a sudden shift in your foot causes your ankle to roll or turn to the wrong side. The ligaments in your ankle are either stretched too far or torn depending on the severity of the sprain. Although ankle sprains can be hard to prevent, one thing you can do is either avoid or be very careful when running around on uneven ground.
  2. Stress Fractures – A stress fracture is a very thin crack in your bone. Sudden increases in working out or playing sports can cause a stress fracture to form. In order to try and prevent this common ailment, make sure you slowly increase the stress or strain you put on your feet to allow your feet to adjust.
  3. Blisters – Blisters on your feet form because of the repetitive friction between your skin and another material such as a sock or new shoes. Generally they are not harmful but can be very painful, sore, and sensitive. If a blister appears, the best thing to do is not touch it or pop it. If possible, try to stop whatever activity it is that you are doing that is causing the friction to occur in the first place. To prevent blisters from forming in the first place, wear proper fitting socks and shoes.
  4. Achilles Tendinitis – The Achilles Tendon is what connects your calf muscle to the heel. When Achilles Tendinitis occurs, the soft tissues surrounding the tendon are damaged or there are small tears on the tendon itself. It must be treated immediately to prevent further damage, which can make it very difficult for your foot and ankle to move properly.
  5. Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis occurs when the tissue on the bottom of your foot between your heel and your toe becomes inflamed. It can occur due to repetitive high impact movements (such as jumping or running) or it can sometimes just appear. Once you think you might have plantar fasciitis, the best thing to do is rest your feet and make an appointment with your podiatrist.

Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm, our Board Certified podiatrist of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, VA has been treating patients with various sports related injuries and ailments for almost two decades. If you are having any pain associated with any sports injuries or need to see a podiatrist for anything else, please give us a call at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here.

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