Professional athletes are pretty hard on their bodies, but they have a team of people around them to make sure that they don’t injure themselves. Here are some tricks used by the pros to help make your body recover faster from any sports activities or injury!

  1. Timing: Professional athletes get treatment for their injuries seconds after they get hurt. Although most of us won’t have a team of people rallying around us for our every need, we can still tend to our injury as soon as it happens. If you sprain your ankle, take your weight off of it right away and try to put something cold on it to prevent it from swelling too much. Do NOT try to rotate it or step hard on it to “test” your injury because it could make your injury a lot worse.
  2. Conditioning: This is something that can’t be done after an injury, but definitely helps in prevention or keeping your injury recovery time short. You don’t have to be in professional athlete shape, but it’s best to keep moderate exercise in your weekly routine to make sure that your bones, muscles, and joints all stay flexible and healthy. Just like a sitting car, a sitting body doesn’t function properly!
  3. Sleep: A good night’s sleep is extremely important for recovery. When you are sleeping, the cells in your body get a chance to repair themselves and the healing process is many times faster than if you’re running around doing other things. Sleep is key for a healthy body in general as well.
  4. Massage: Most of us don’t give ourselves a massage on a regular basis, but someone else’s (a professional) touch can make a huge difference. If you can get a massage after your injury has calmed down a bit it can help you recover faster.

If you have any injuries from working out or playing sports, call Clifton Foot & Ankle Center at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment hereDr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has been treating patients for over eighteen years and is an expert in sports education as well as all foot and ankle ailments.

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