Safe, Scaled-Down Parties in 2020 Call for Some Creativity

Anyone who has planned for a celebration this year has had a lot of decisions to make. Some have chosen to cancel their plans outright for fear of spreading COVID-19 infections. Others have taken a different tack: what if the celebration were just scaled down in size and scope? What if you could still have that July fourth picnic, modified to make it safer?

Consider these 5 ideas to rescue your summer get-togethers:

  1. Pare down the guest list. Just having fewer people gathered together lessens the risk for all.
  1. Move your event outside. Public health experts agree that the coronavirus is more easily transmitted in closed spaces. Outdoor events are safer.
  1. Modify – or get rid of – the buffet table. The buffet has always been a source of angst for germaphobes. Everyone’s touching the same serving spoons. Eliminate that risk by assigning one individual to serve. Even better, get rid of the buffet table altogether and serve food on individual-sized small plates.
  1. Eliminate double-dipping. The TV show Seinfeld put the phrase “double-dipping” into the modern lexicon – but dipping a chip into some guacamole, taking a bite, and then dipping the same chip again has been taboo for as long as chips-and-dip has existed. Instead of a common bowl, fill small cups with dip and let the guests help themselves to their own personal portion.
  1. Stream it live. Invite additional friends and family to share in the festivities online.

Your party can even include activities that poke fun at the virus. Make a coronavirus piñata and invite your guests to smack the source of so much 2020 anxiety. Serve individual bottles of Corona brand beer or hard seltzer. Provide each guest with a small crown to wear (“corona” is the Latin word for “crown”). Wrap toilet paper rolls in colorful tissue paper and offer them as party favors.

Whatever festivities your summer has in store for you, please enjoy them safely. Wear appropriate, comfortable shoes and address any foot or ankle pain early on, before it becomes a real problem. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm is our board-certified podiatrist here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. We’re located in Centreville, Virginia, and welcome patients from Fairfax County and the greater D.C. area. Call us at (703) 996-3000 or make an appointment online.

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