10 Quick, Healthy Lunch Ideas You Need Right Now


Does a healthy lunch take a back seat in your new, quarantined life? Do you tend to grab what’s available instead of what’ll fuel you through the rest of your day? We understand. These days of social isolation, constant Zooming, and guiding kids through distance learning are stressful. The last thing you need is pressure from Clifton Foot & Ankle Center to stick to a healthy diet. It’s important, though. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm, our board-certified podiatrist, has often underscored the importance of healthy eating for your whole body, including your feet and ankles.

With just a few pantry staples and some fresh fruits and veggies, you can quickly put together countless variations on these 10 types of lunches for you and your family.

  1. The Bowl – put leftover rice, quinoa, or potatoes into one side of a bowl. Add piles of cubed cheese, veggies such as shredded Brussels sprouts or fresh spinach, beans or meat for protein, and top everything with herbs, olive oil, and vinegar.
  2. The Tortilla Wrap – can be made cold with deli meat and lettuce or heated in the toaster oven with refried beans and grated cheese.
  3. The Smoothie – blend ice, yogurt, fresh fruits, maple syrup, cinnamon – and drink.
  4. The Avocado Toast – spread ripe avocado on toast. Sprinkle with toasted sunflower seeds, bagel seasoning, chopped radishes, sea salt, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar, a dash of hot sauce, or fried egg.
  5. The Hard-Boiled Egg – slice it over veggies, mash it with pickles, or add it to avocado toast!
  6. The Green Salad – combine various lettuces with quinoa, canned corn, deli slices, olives, or fresh berries.
  7. The Chicken Salad – traditionally a mix of chopped leftover chicken and mayo, create your own tradition using chopped grapes, apples, radicchio, and nuts.
  8. The Frozen Shrimp – they thaw quickly! Add avocado, herbs, and chopped veggies.
  9. The Canned Tuna – toss with avocado and black beans; zest it up with smoked paprika; grated onion and chopped cucumber add a welcome crunch; combine with Greek yogurt instead of mayo.
  10. The Noodles – can be made Italian (red sauce) or Asian (peanut sauce). Heat them up in a soup. Add them to The Bowl.

Have fun in the kitchen. Eat healthily. Stay safe. And call us for help with any foot or ankle pain. You can reach our Centreville podiatry office in Fairfax County, VA online or by phone at (703) 996-3000.

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