Conservative Treatment Comes First

If you saw a mouse scurrying across your kitchen counter, you’d probably take some steps to get rid of it. You could set a trap. You could call an exterminator. Call your neighbor for help (could be faster than the exterminator). Get a cat. These are all reasonable things to do.

What you probably wouldn’t do is tear out the stove and bash in the wall to find a nest. Or set multiple traps out in every room of the house. These would be unreasonable first steps. Overkill, even.

Overkill can be thought of as a concept in medical treatment as well. While it’s true that treatment for foot pain and injury may be different for every patient, as a general rule we’re always going to try a reasonable, conservative approach first here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center in Centreville, VA.

What is conservative treatment?

For many podiatric conditions, there are steps Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm can take that we would call “conservative” or “non-invasive.” Those steps include

  • resting your foot by stopping some or all activity
  • applying ice to the affected area
  • taking oral medications to reduce pain and swelling
  • applying topical medications for skin or toenail fungus issue
  • receiving injections to reduce inflammation directly at the affected site, including prolotherapy or PRP injections
  • immobilizing your foot or toe with tape, splint, or walking boot
  • supplying you with custom-fitting orthotics for your shoes to fix a mechanical issue

Whether you’re visiting our office for a running injury, a neuroma, issues with flat feet, pain from bunions, or heel pain, Dr. Wilhelm will spend quality time with you to determine the best course of care, beginning with some of these non-invasive methods.

When surgery is required

With some injuries and foot deformities or imbalances, surgery will be a necessary course of action. Fairfax County residents have an excellent choice when it comes to expert podiatric surgeons. Dr. Wilhelm is board certified in both foot and ankle surgery, and Spanish speakers will be happy to know that he is fluent in Spanish. Make an appointment with us by calling (703) 996-3000. Click here to make an appointment online.

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