4 Simple Tests to Know if You’re Fit

Now that it’s the beginning of the school year, it’s a great excuse for a fresh start (even if you’re not on the school cycle!) Resetting your body and getting back to the healthiest you can mean that you feel better both mentally and physically. If you haven’t been working out at all during the summer besides walking along the beach every now and then, here are a few mini tests you can do to see how fit you are.

  1. Step Test – Find a block or something to stand on that is about 1 foot tall. Step up right foot first then left foot, then step back with your right foot first then your left foot. Do this continually for 3 minutes without stopping. Check your pulse rate after for a minute. For men 18-36, anything between 85-100 is healthy. If it’s above 101, you need to work on your fitness. For older men, anything under 113 is okay. For women 18-36 a pulse rate from 94-110 is healthy. Over 111 is poor and for older women over 125 is poor.
  2. Balance Test – Stand with one foot raised from the floor and see how long you can stay balanced. If you can hold for 30 seconds or more, you are very healthy. If you’re over 65, holding for 5 seconds or more is enough.
  3. Flexibility Test – Sit on the floor with both legs in front of you. Reach forward to try and touch your toes. If you can hold your feet with your hands, you are in great shape. If you can barely reach your ankles, you need to work on your flexibility.
  4. Sit Up Test – Lie down on the floor and do as many properly formed sit ups as you can for a minute. Men 18-25 should be able to do at least 35-38. For men over 65, anything over 28 is great. Women 18-25 should be able to do at least 29-32. For women over 65, anything over 23 is great.

Working on all of these areas will help you become more fit overall. This will help prevent injuries and keep you healthier in the long run. If you have any questions that are related to your feet or ankles, come to Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has been educating and treating patients for over eighteen years. You can call our Centreville, VA office at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here.

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