Preventing Sweaty Feet in the Summer

Warm weather is great for many things; it’s easier on your skin and the rest of your body in general. It also means you can now pick from an array of outdoor activities to keep you busy for the next few months. The only negative is that it’s also the season of sweat. Sweat is our body’s natural mechanism for dealing with over heating. Sweat is also produced when we are nervous or in stressful situations. During the spring and summer, our bodies may sweat more than necessary, especially on our feet. Here are a few ways to help keep your feet as dry as possible even when it’s ninety degrees outside.

  • Tea Soak – If you’re looking for a cheap and easy solution, try soaking your feet in black tea. Doing this for 15-20 minutes a night for about a week can help keep your feet from being overly sweaty for most of the season. If you notice your feet are getting sweaty again, you can repeat for another month.
  • Deodorant – Deodorant (also called antiperspirant) can be used on your feet to do the same job it does under your armpits. There are deodorants specifically designed for your feet, but if you’re in a pinch, you can use the same one you use for under your arms for temporary relief.
  • Botox – If your feet are extremely sweaty and your socks or shoes are constantly damp, it may be a good idea to look into a more permanent solution. Botox injections on the bottom of your feet can be used to help prevent extreme sweating.
  • Foot Powder – Any foot powder from the drugstore (or even cornstarch if you don’t have access to a pharmacy) will significantly reduce the amount of sweat on your feet by absorbing it as soon as it is formed. You can use it on a daily basis, but be careful not to breathe in the powder as you put it on your feet.
  • Socks – It might seem like socks would create more sweat on your feet, but it can actually help absorb sweat better if you wear the right kind of socks. For dress shoes, or pumps, there are thin socks that you can wear that only cover the toes and your heels.

If your sweaty feet are giving you a hard time, call Clifton Foot & Ankle Center at 703-996-3000 or make an appointment here. Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm has been treating patients with various foot and ankle ailments for over eighteen years.

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