How to Support a Loved One with Diabetes

If someone in your family has diabetes, in many ways it’s your disease, too. Whether it’s your child dealing with the daily insulin injections that characterize Type 1 diabetes or a spouse who has to watch what they eat, you are involved with their health care in more ways than you might realize. Your loved […]

Physical Fitness and Your Child’s Feet

Parents: if there was something that you could give your children that would make them… a). improve their school attendance b). perform better in school c). improve their behavior …would it make you stand up and say “I’ll take some of that!”? Well, researchers at the Department of Health and Human Services have determined that […]

Strategies for Battling Heel Pain

Heel pain is one of the most common complaints of our patients here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center. They report that little by little, a small ache in their heel gradually gets worse, spreading to the arch of their foot, and pretty quickly making it very hard to stand or walk. Getting out of […]

Conquering Foot Defects in Babies

Conquering Foot Defects in Babies Moms and Dads count their newborn baby’s fingers and toes for a reason: after nine months of worrying about the baby’s health, this compulsive counting is an equation of relief: 10 fingers + 10 toes = Whew! My baby’s okay. Sometimes, there’s something that doesn’t quite add up with your […]

When to Consider Ankle Surgery

Rare is the person under age 40 or so who complains about their aching joints. Joints move so smoothly and effortlessly when you’re young! The risk of osteoarthritis increases greatly with age, all because the protective cartilage that surrounds them gets worn out. Thinned cartilage causes joints to become stiff and creaky. Their range of […]

Skin Cancer: Don’t Overlook Your Feet

May is Melanoma Awareness Month, so it’s a great time to think about the ways skin cancer can affect our feet. Feet don’t usually come to mind when we consider the places cancer strikes – and yet, our feet are highly susceptible to melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. Types of skin cancer on […]

Arthritis of the Feet and Ankles: An Overview

Arthritis is a disease that can affect any joint in your body. Wrists, fingers, knees, and shoulders are typically affected, as well as feet. Each of your feet has 33 joints and any of them can be stricken with the pain and swelling of arthritis. During this month of May, which is Arthritis Awareness Month, […]

5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

It’s just a fact – anyone who plays a sport can get injured, no matter how cautious they are. Balls smash into heads and cause concussions. Players trip and fall or crash into each other and somebody’s arm snaps in two. Knees twist around too far and ligaments rip apart. It’s brutal out there. Feet […]

The Art of the At-Home Pedicure

Going to the salon for a pedicure can be a fun and relaxing experience, as long as you know that the shop is clean. When you do visit a nail salon, make sure that they sanitize their tools and foot basins and keep their licensing up to date (check the walls for posted licenses). But […]

Can You Prevent Bunions?

Foot deformities are pretty commonplace as we get older. In fact, more than 25% of adults aged 18-65 suffer from the deformity we call hallux valgus – in common terms, a bunion. When you look at the population over age 65, that percentage jumps to about 36%. Getting a bunion may not be entirely preventable. […]

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