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Get Ready for Fall Hiking

As we creep into the latter part of October (how did that happen?!), all of us in northern Virginia look forward to enjoying peak fall foliage. The many wooded trails of Lawrence Park or any of the other beautiful parks in Fairfax County are great places to get out and enjoy a hike, replete with […]

Be Sweet to Aging Feet

There once was an elderly person Whose foot pain began to worsen. His feet burned and flattened But his hatches he battened Refusing to call doc or nurse in. All right, you’re probably thinking that the good folks at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center should stick to podiatry and leave poetry alone. Except that we […]

How Bad is Your Toe Injury?

Even before the recent controversy surrounding the playing of the national anthem and politics, the NFL has always enjoyed a lot of media coverage. News of all the injuries that happen both in pre-season and on the field during regular season could probably cover an entire 24-hour news cycle. If only we had a dollar […]

What Does it Mean to Have Healthy Feet?

Is it possible to have a perfectly healthy foot? Well, that’s a tough one. Feet endure some of the toughest abuse around because we literally use them every day to: Carry our weight – sometimes way too much of it! Propel us forward, getting us from one place to the next, and Keep our balance, […]

Quit Smoking – Your Feet Will Thank You

We all know that quitting smoking reduces your risk of getting lung cancer. But did you know that giving up cigarettes is beneficial for your entire body? From your head to your heart and down to your toes, pretty much every bodily system breathes a sigh of relief when you quit breathing in tar and […]

What YOU Can Do to Prevent Childhood Obesity

September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, something we at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center think you should take pretty seriously. Why should you worry about childhood obesity? There are so many reasons – but perhaps none more important than the overall health of your child or another child you love – a niece, nephew, student, […]

What Your Toenails Say About Your Health

Toenails have certain characteristics that can tell you about your health, no matter whose foot they adorn. When you come to our office for a foot examination, Dr. Kenneth R. Wilhelm of Clifton Foot & Ankle Center can pick up clues about your overall health by taking a full medical history – and by taking […]

Safeguard Your Kids from Fall Sports Injuries

Kids are going back to school and soon there will be tryouts for their favorite teams. Jumping back into soccer, swimming, tennis, cheerleading, or cross-country carries with it some dangers, especially if your child hasn’t been terribly active over the summer.   What happens when your kid suddenly leaps from the couch and starts practicing […]

How Do You Know if Your Child Has a Foot Problem?

Different people have different styles of walking. Every person’s body is put together slightly differently and so each person takes on a unique way of moving around.   Unique is usually just fine, as long as a person isn’t experiencing any foot pain. When it comes to children, especially very young walkers, they may not […]

Clearing Up the Top 3 Psoriasis Myths

August is Psoriasis Awareness Month and all of us here at Clifton Foot & Ankle Center want you to know that psoriasis is a common disease that can affect your feet. Psoriasis crops up when skin cells grow too fast, creating a buildup of thick, red, itchy patches (plaques) on your skin or nails. It’s […]

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